99 Homes


One of the greatest movies of all time - 99 Homes. It would be hard to find another performance made this good. The acting is just perfect. It is a phenomenal, tense movie from the beginning to the end. Film with best plot ever, best directing and really good chosen actors. Artistry of actors are just magnificent, no one give bad performance. 99 Homes has strange energy that fills me every time I watch it. It's a modern classic movie, 2014 year is all yours 99 Homes. 99 Homes is a living masterpiece. This movie is an art, at it's very best form.... Show more

Plot of 99 Homes

Everyone in the world knows that honest hard work is nowhere. In sunny Orlando, Florida, construction worker Dennis Nash finds out for himself when he is kicked out of the house by charismatic broker Rick Carver. Humiliated and homeless, Nash has no choice but to take his mother and nine-year-old son to a grubby, dangerous motel. All is lost. Until Nash has the unexpected opportunity to do a deal with the devil, he starts working for Carver to get home desperately. Carver seduces Nash into the risky world of bank fraud and theft. Nash teaches how the rich get rich. Nash leads a double life, hides his new boss and works in front of his family. He rises quickly and makes real money; he dreams of greater strength. But there are costs. On Carver's orders, Nash has to drive honest families out of his homes - just like him. Nash's conscience starts tearing him apart ... but his son needs a home. IN THE...... Show more

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Watch 99 Homes (2014) on 123movies. 99 Homes is one of the best movies to stream online with English and Hindi Subtitles. Movie that is starring: Laura Dern, Clancy Brown, Andrew Garfield and others. 99 Homes is one of the most rated Action Movies.

Release: 2014
Duration: 112 min
IMDb Rating: 7.1
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