Very popular Action film, truly unique one out there. Trashology has literally no weak scenes. I still remember the first time I saw Trashology. Trashology has a reputation of one of the best movies of it's times. The direction is really abstract. Majestic pictures, great tempo and scenes. The sum of small details is incredible. I never liked Comedy titles so it's fair to say i never thought I'd love Trashology. Trashology is definitely in my top 3 of Action movies. Great fun is guaranteed, enjoy watching it.... Show more

Plot of Trashology

Student Tracy (Laura Lee Black) has just been given the task of writing a report on her favorite film genre. While doing her research, she discovers a book and now Tracy speaks about three unexpected stories. First, two women (Jenny Coulter / Rodney Horn) are harassed by a religious fanatic (Angie Keeling) for their secular behavior. When the biblical hypocrite threatens violence, chaos takes its toll. Then in BIG DEBBIE, a strong woman (Rodney Horn) is abandoned at the altar and meets two guys who use her to meet her strange fetish. If someone accidentally dies, they have to get rid of the body ... the only problem: a woman on the edge (Rachel Stout) witnesses a tear and blackmailed her to kill her fraudulent friend (Kelli Ellis). Finally, at INGLOURIOUS BITCHES, a bizarre pair of female guards (Douglas Conner / Brian Dorton) uses a cell phone application to track down and murder sex offenders.... Show more

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Release: 2012
IMDb Rating: 5.4
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