Father the Flame


Father the Flame for me it was always one of the best films ever, an absolute masterpiece. Wonderful inspiration to young actors and directors. I still remember the first time I saw Father the Flame. I expected average crap movie at most, I received amazing movie. Film with best plot ever, best directing and really good chosen actors. I loved whole cast of Father the Flame, even the enemies of the main character. Father the Flame has many original details and specifics that I really cannot get out of my head since watching it. Father the Flame is definitely in my top 5 movies of all time. You just have to see it.... Show more

Plot of Father the Flame

The tobacco pipe has been a symbol of satisfaction and contemplation for centuries. Due to the window of this transcendental artifact and his holy origin, the father of the flame is a cinema exploring heritage, family and love. The film follows Lee Erck, the world-famous pipeline manufacturer of the world from the furthest north Michigan, because the globe moves to discover almost forgotten art of tobacco tubes. Equipped with a charming casting figure - from the Royal Family of the Danish pipe manufacturers, to the Italian wedding cutter known as the largest the largest of the world, until the fourth generation of American Speace manufacturer - this story speaks to a slower life mail, luxury in our world Nice and hypnotic, the father of the flame, which dipped the viewer in cultural and spiritual importance of the tobacco pipe and teaching a modern generation for heritage and things we have left.... Show more

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Release: 2018
Duration: 78 min
IMDb Rating: 7.7
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