The Great Gatsby


One of the greatest movies of all time - The Great Gatsby. For me, this movie deserves all the best. The Great Gatsby stands out above all other films I've seen at least for last 5 years. I expected average crap movie at most, I received amazing movie. Film with best plot ever, best directing and really good chosen actors. The acting is just incredible (especially Joel Edgerton, I'm sure no one was sure about him). The Great Gatsby is very entertaining production. You've got to watch The Great Gatsby online on 123Movies and finally understand why The Great Gatsby is one of the best movie of all time. You have to watch it in 2020 online.... Show more

Plot of The Great Gatsby

New York, 1929. Nick Carraway, a bond seller in a sanatorium for depression and alcoholism, is convinced by his doctor to write a therapeutic relationship about what got him there. Nick's diary describes how he moved into a tiny house on Long Island seven years earlier that borders a lavish mansion of a mysterious neighbor, the fabulously wealthy Jay Gatsby. After attending one of Gatsby's legendary events, Nick is asked by Gatsby to make an appointment before the war begins with his cousin Daisy, who is now the wife of brutal and intoxicating Tom Buchanan, who was Gatsby's true love. When Nick agrees, he concludes that Gatsby, once a poor boy, recreated himself as a fascinating millionaire just to get Daisy back, but events with a drunken conspiracy in the afternoon led to an ending that is not happy at all.... Show more

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Watch The Great Gatsby (2013) on 123movies. The Great Gatsby is one of the best movies to stream online with English and Hindi Subtitles. Movie that is starring: Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, Leonardo Dicaprio and others. Directed by Baz Luhrmann in United States. The Great Gatsby is one of the most rated Drama Movies.

Directors: Baz Luhrmann
Release: 2013-05-09
Duration: 143 min
IMDb Rating: 7.2
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