Suicide Squad


One of the greatest movies of all time - Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad is example of the 10/10 movie. Smart written characters and storyline. I expected something really average, but I was completely wrong!. David Ayer is the person who made Suicide Squad such amazing movie. I liked all the characters, even the evil side, especially Will Smith. Suicide Squad has many original details and specifics that I really cannot get out of my head since watching it. In conclusion Suicide Squad is just absolutely awesome. Suicide Squad is a living masterpiece. This movie is an art, at it's very best form.... Show more

Plot of Suicide Squad

Under the threat of humanity's total annihilation and for fear that the next superhero savior turns terrorist, the pitiless Government Agent from the Intelligence Division, Amanda Waller, decides to assemble an Elite force of meta-humans, the secret Task Force X. For this reason , Waller handpicks the worst of the worst from the country's maximum security prisons; a proper circus of psychotic antisocial super villains kept on a short leash to do the Government's dirty work. Of course, none of them knows that, in reality, they form an expendable suicide squad thrown into the fire, and if anything goes wrong, the Federals will deny everything. However, Waller's plan to protect the country is flawed, and when a member of the team, the uncontrollable and omnipotent shape-shifting sorceress known as the "Enchantress" goes rogue with the intention to build a devastating machine, the squad and everyone around will need to prepare for WWIII. Is this band of anti-heroes humanity's only hope?... Show more

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Watch Suicide Squad (2016) on 123movies. Suicide Squad is one of the best movies to stream online with English and Hindi Subtitles. Movie that is starring: Will Smith, Jared Leto, Viola Davis and others. Directed by David Ayer in United States. Suicide Squad is one of the most rated Action Movies.

Directors: David Ayer
Countries: United States
Release: 2016-08-03
Duration: 123 min
IMDb Rating: 6
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