Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4


Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4 - amazing tv show from 1999 year. If the viewer doesn't like Comedy type of tv shows, he will watch the whole tv show and still I'm sure he will have great fun. Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4 stands out above all other films I've seen at least for last 5 years. I expected average crap tv show at most, I received amazing tv show. Philip Rosenthal once again delivered us great piece of true cinema. All actors played their roles best they could. I liked Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4 from the first sight. It's a modern classic tv show, 1999 year is all yours Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4. You just have to see it.... Show more

Plot of Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4

Raymond "Ray" Barone (Ray Romano) is a sportswriter who loves his family, even though they make him crazy - when he was a child, he "prayed for normal". His wife, Debra (Patricia Heaton) is a good housewife and mother, but not a very good cook (although there are a few exceptions) and she often butts heads with her meddling mother-in-law, Marie (Doris Roberts). Marie often interferes in Ray's life and criticizes Debra for usually cooking pre-made food, her housewife and parenting methods, et cetera, and the reason Marie criticizes Debra's mediocre cooking skills or cooking "the easy way" is because Marie herself is a virtuoso at cooking. Ray's dad, Frank (Peter Boyle) is extremely sardonic and although rarely thanks Marie for cooking his meals, he always raids their refrigerator or Ray's, depending on whose house he's at. Ray's older brother, Robert (Brad Garrett) is jealous of him as Ray is "the favorite child" and because Ray has a wife who loves him and children of his own, while Robert's first wife, Joanna left him. However, Robert later gets a girlfriend, Amy MacDougall (Monica Horan). Ray and Debra have a daughter, Ally (Madylin Sweetin) who has inherited a little bit of Frank's sass, but has a good heart and they also have two twin boys, Geoffrey and Michael (Sawyer Sweetin, Sullivan Sweetin). The show isn't really about the kids, but it is later shown that Geoffrey is more skilled at things (such as making his bed) than Michael. Even though his family makes him nuts sometimes, Raymond would still do anything for them and loves them all - even Robert.... Show more

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Watch Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4 (1999) on 123movies. Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4 is one of the best TV Shows to stream online with English and Hindi Subtitles. TV series that is starring: Patricia Heaton, Peter Boyle, Ray Romano and others. Directed by Philip Rosenthal in United States. Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 4 is one of the most rated Comedy TV Series Episodes.

Directors: Philip Rosenthal
Countries: United States
Release: 1999-09-20
IMDb Rating: 7.1
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