Battle of the Sexes


Battle of the Sexes for me is the best movie of 2017. For me, this movie deserves all the best. Battle of the Sexes gave me goosebumps. Battle of the Sexes has a reputation of one of the best movies of it's times. Unique directing by Jonathan Dayton - such great directed dialogue scenes. I liked all the characters, even the evil side, especially Steve Carell. Not many "excellent" movies that have ever been created, but Battle of the Sexes, certainly is one of them. Battle of the Sexes is definitely in my top 5 movies of all time. In 2020 you have to watch Battle of the Sexes online.... Show more

Plot of Battle of the Sexes

In 1970, Billie Jean King and Gladys Heldman confront Jack Kramer, who has organized a tennis tournament where the top prize for women is one-eighth of the men's prize, despite equal ticket sales. King and Heldman threaten to start their own tour but Kramer won't alter the terms, citing the inferiority of women's tennis. When Billie Jean, Julie Heldman, Valerie Ziegenfuss, Judy Dalton, Kristy Pigeon, Peaches Bartkowicz, Kerry Melville Reid, Nancy Richey, and Rosie Casals sign on as the "Original 9" players of what becomes the Virginia Slims Circuit, Kramer bans them from tournaments organized by the US Lawn Tennis Association ..... Show more

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Watch Battle of the Sexes (2017) on 123movies. Battle of the Sexes is one of the best movies to stream online with English and Hindi Subtitles. Movie that is starring: Steve Carell, Emma Stone, Alan Cumming and others. Directed by Jonathan Dayton in United States. Battle of the Sexes is one of the most rated Biography Movies.

Release: 2017-09-28
Duration: 121 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
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