Cast Away


Cast Away is one of the most beautiful movies of 2000. A movie with no weak moments. One word, outstanding!. That tension created by characters draws people attention in from the beginning. Robert Zemeckis is the person who made Cast Away such amazing movie. Cast Away is one of those movies where no one gives a weak play. Not many "excellent" movies that have ever been created, but Cast Away, certainly is one of them. Cast Away is definitely in my top 3 of Action movies. You have to watch it in 2020 online.

Plot of Cast Away

Chuck Noland is a FedEx manager who demands that everything must be on time and travels the world to make sure punctuality is on top of everything else. He has a girlfriend, Kelly, with whom he is deeply in love with and family he hardly sees. When work intrudes on Christmas Eve, Chuck has a quick gift exchange in the car and kisses Kelly goodbye. He boards a delivery plane going overseas which gets caught in a horrendous storm and crashes into the Pacific. The sole survivor Chuck washes up on a remote island along with several FedEx packages that he must use for supplies. With limited luxury, he adapts to the island over the course of 1,500 nights. When Chuck finally sees his chance he rafts out on the ocean and fortunately is spotted. After a bittersweet welcome-back reception, Chuck finds Kelly has married another man and has children. But he is missing more than her. For all his life his objective was work. For four years, it was survival. Now Chuck is compelled to live.... Show more

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Watch Cast Away (2000) on 123movies. Cast Away is one of the best movies to stream online with English and Hindi Subtitles. Movie that is starring: Chris Noth, Tom Hanks, Helen Hunt and others. Directed by Robert Zemeckis in United States. Cast Away is one of the most rated Action Movies.

Directors: Robert Zemeckis
Countries: United States
Release: 2000-12-22
Duration: 143 min
IMDb Rating: 7.8
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